In addition to our registered medicinal products, certified medical devices and biocides, we also carry out the contract manufacturing of products in very small quantities. We also offer a variety of HomeCare services across Switzerland and are a leading provider in the field of clinical nutrition. Our core areas of expertise include:

  • Development of specialist products in small quantities in collaboration with doctors and experts
  • Contract manufacturing according to customer specifications in accordance with Art. 9 of the Swiss Therapeutic Products Act (hospitalis formula, officinalis formula, own formula)
  • Batch production according to the GMP for small quantities (Pharm. Helv. 10) and ad hoc manufacturing
  • Support of patient-adapted, individualised therapies
  • Physical testing, content determination, impurities, sterility testing
  • Storage of specialist pharmaceuticals produced in the agreed, small industrial quantities according to annual requirements
  • Product-neutral, requirements-based care for patients in their own home
  • Pain therapy and treatment with antibiotics
  • Advice, vaccinations, check-ups, health tips in our pharmacy
  • Reduction of packaging material and waste with the use of recyclable transport packaging
  • Acceptance of empty containers on site and handover to the recycling company (KEIS)
  • Own transport and delivery service, including home deliveries
We adapt to your requirements