We can provide you with individual and professional advice on all questions that you may have concerning your well-being.

Our health checks are an important indicator for your health. Discover all our services and get tested at the Grosse Apotheke Dr. Bichsel.


You can even get a vaccinated directly after your consultation, without having to make an appointment in advance. Quick and easy – you can protect yourself and those around you.

We can vaccinate healthy people aged 16 and over against flu, TBE and hepatitis A and B (second vaccination).

We will be happy to issue you with an electronic vaccination record and to advise you before you take any trips abroad. Please remember to bring your vaccination booklet with you. Visit the “Impfapotheken” website of the Swiss Pharmacy Association pharmaSuisse to find a list of all the pharmacies that offer vaccinations.

How to get a vaccination:

  • Create your electronic vaccination record online at We will be happy to do this for you (CHF 29.00)
  • Bring your vaccination booklet to the pharmacy
  • Get your vaccination record validated (CHF 20.00)
  • We will advise you on any upcoming vaccinations that you need to have and can even provide certain vaccinations on site.

Vaccination excl. vaccine CHF 20.00
Influenza vaccination CHF 35.00
FSME vaccination CHF 73.00

Are you suffering from allergy symptoms? Take our quick allergy test to find out. We will test your blood for antibodies against the allergens that are frequently responsible for allergic reactions in your nose, eyes and respiratory tract.
You can now be tested at the Grosse Apotheke Dr. G. Bichsel AG. We take a droplet of blood from your finger and test it for ten commonly known inhaled allergens. You get your results after just 20 minutes and will receive detailed advice from our trained experts.

An allergy or an allergic illness is a hypersensitivity reaction by the body to harmless external substances. Symptoms usually appear immediately or within a few minutes of coming into contact with the allergen.
  • Breathing problems
  • A stuffy, itchy or runny nose
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Burning, irritated, reddened or swollen eyes
  • Skin rashes
Further information about the allergy check is available at There are many possible symptoms and causes of an allergy. Knowledge is the first step on the road to improving your symptoms. Let us to advise you!

Cost: CHF 69.-

Adults should have their blood pressure measured at least once a year. As high blood pressure doesn’t cause specific discomfort, it can often go unnoticed. However, it can have serious consequences including heart attacks, angina pectoris, a weak heart (cardiac insufficiency), circulatory problems in the legs or damage to the kidneys.

We can help you to control your blood pressure. This measurement is an important yardstick to measure your general health. We record your personal results on your blood pressure card. That means you can keep your blood pressure results at hand at all times.

Cost: CHF 5.-

Various different factors such as family history, insufficient exercise and obesity influence your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar manifests itself with symptoms such as persistent fatigue and, when the levels are very high, thirst. An early detection of diabetes mellitus protects you against any other health risks.

With a blood sugar reading in our pharmacy, you can find out whether you are at risk of developing diabetes. Just one droplet of blood is enough to measure your blood sugar levels.

Cost: CHF 16.-

A colorectal cancer screening can be carried out easily with a stool test. We can offer you an initial assessment without you needing to make an appointment. With detailed advice and information from the pharmacist as well as a risk check, we can determine which particular examination is the best option for you. Depending on your risks or symptoms, we may refer you to a doctor. If not, the pharmacist can arrange the stool test with you directly.

You can provide your stool sample at home and send it to our laboratory. You will receive a post-paid envelope with the test so that you can send it directly to our laboratory. The stool sample will be evaluated in the laboratory. We will then receive the test result. We will discuss it with you and inform you of any further steps that may need to be taken. If the results of the stool sample are positive, i.e. if blood was found in the stool, we will refer you to a doctor to discuss the next steps.

Cost: CHF 30.-

The Swiss Heart Foundation Heart Check is the ideal preventive measure to keep your heart, circulation and brain healthy. 90% of all heart attacks or strokes are caused by risk factors which can be measured and, to some extent, controlled. Patients who know their risk factors can therefore take preventive steps to keep themselves in good health.
Find out if you are at risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke with the Swiss Heart Foundation Heart Check.

The Heart Check takes about 20 minutes to complete and consists of:

  • A short questionnaire
  • Cholesterol analysis
  • Blood sugar analysis
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Abdominal girth measurement
  • Consultation on the results
  • Health tips

The Heart Check is a prevention offer for adults of all ages.

Cost: CHF 49.-