Our history

The Grosse Apotheke was founded over 100 years ago. The origins of Bichsel as a company date back to 1948, when Dr. Guido Bichsel acquired the Grosse Apotheke. Today, the Bichsel Group has two locations and supplies customers both in Switzerland and abroad.

  • Takeover

    1948: Takeover

    In 1948, Dr. Guido Bichsel took over the Grosse Apotheke Dr. Jenzer, located in the heart of Interlaken.

  • Founding of the Grosse Apotheke and Laboratorium

    1948: Founding of the Grosse Apotheke and Laboratorium

    The name Grosse Apotheke Dr. Jenzer also disappeared with the takeover, and the pharmacy was renamed Grosse Apotheke Dr. G. Bichsel.

  • First dialysis patient

    1966: First dialysis patient

    Mountain guide Werner Stäger from Lauterbrunnen was the first haemodialysis patient in Switzerland to be supported and cared for by Bichsel.

  • Mutation into two stock corporations

    1979: Mutation into two stock corporations

    Grosse Apotheke Dr. G. Bichsel AG was split into two stock corporations. The laboratory operations for the production of sterile, innovative products became independent and this new part of the company was renamed Laboratorium Dr. G. Bichsel AG.

  • New office building

    2003: New office building

    A modern office building was built on Weissenaustrasse in Unterseen.
    Foundation of the Laboratorium und Grosse Apotheke Dr. G. Bichsel Holding AG.

  • Major reconstruction project

    2008: Major reconstruction project

    The existing logistics centre was extended and converted. A large logistics centre, additional production space, a staff canteen and an apartment for the caretaker were built.

  • HomeCare

    2018: HomeCare

    HomeCare moved into new offices. Bichsel therefore gained another location in Unterseen, the first open-plan offices in the history of the company.

  • Takeover by Galenica

    2019: Takeover by Galenica

    On the 1st of May 2019, the Bichsel family business was purchased by Galenica. Galenica took responsibility for the employees and continued to employ them.