A medicine is not a normal product. When used properly, it helps fight against ailments and illnesses, but when used incorrectly – or in excessive or incorrect dosages – it can cause serious damage to the body.

Providing professional advice in our pharmacy for both prescription and over-the-counter medicines ensures the safety of our customers and patients and is our top priority. Our pharmacist and team of specialists are personally available to advise without prior notice and in emergencies, 24 hours a day. We know our regular customers well, and we take their individual needs into account.
If there is a risk of any interactions or side effects, alternatives are suggested or the doctor is consulted. Medicines can only have their full and intended effect if they are taken correctly and on a regular basis. In a personal consultation, the patient can get answers to important questions, and learn what to look out for when taking the medicine in question. This optimises the treatment and increases the patient’s quality of life.

To ensure the safety of the patient, pharmacists are required to charge the patient for a variety of checks performed for each package of prescription medicine and medicine covered by the patient's health insurance provider that is dispensed. For example, the medicine and health record checks.


The pharmacist or their assistant must clear up questions such as: Are there any contraindications? Has the correct dosage been chosen? What size package does the patient need? Does the patient understand why, how and when to take the medicine? Does the patient understand the consequences of not taking the medicine?

The pharmacist or their assistant updates the patient’s file, which contains a record of all the prescription medicines that a patient has previously obtained from the pharmacy. With new patients, they create a patient file which can be used to determine whether there is a risk of interaction and a potential excess or insufficient consumption. The file is settled with the health insurance provider on a regular basis.

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